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The best way to know if you are hiring the right cleaning company is to check references and see what others can say. Here's what some of our clients have said about us:

We have been pleased with Over the Top Cleaning and the care and attention they have given us and our office.

Since we have a beautiful, brand new office with lots of technology and multiple surface finishes, we didn’t want to hire just anyone. We also wanted to find a smaller operation so that they would be confident that we would have the same people cleaning our office every time. This was important not only for continuity but for security. Some cleaning services we interviewed said that we would have a different cleaner every night! I can’t imagine entrusting our security codes to a large company like that.

Over the Top Cleaning have also been amazing when we made special requests or modifications; they were completely gracious and accommodating.

I enthusiastically endorse Over the Top Cleaning!

– Amy Norman, DDS, PS 

When I sit down at my lab bench and every little detail is clean it makes me so happy! I look forward to Monday’s because my work area is so clean.

– Dr. Schmidt 

I believe we have the best, trustworthy, cleaning crew this side of the ‘Rockies’. They don’t miss a speck of dust and come every Monday morning; I know the office is going to shine! 

– Christina, Office Manager 

Over The Top Cleaning Service has been cleaning our building since it's conception. They initially did the construction clean-up and have the skills and know-how to handle construction clean-up. Also, they have been doing the weekly maintenance clean-up in our medical office.
Over The Top has been extremely responsible and trustworthy on our premises. They do an exceptional job of cleaning our facility and have a wonderful reputation. I would recommend them for any cleaning service, big or small. They do a wonderful job."

–Robert, D.C.

I appreciate how clean and bright my OPs room and Sterile room are! Makes my day!

– Sue, Medical Assistant



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